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DIEZ’s economic zones are Dubai premium free zones. They are recognized globally for their unique operating model, seamless experience, and compliance.

Setting up in our economic zones offers you:



Foreign Ownership with No Restrictions

No Restriction On

  • Repatriation of capital and profits
  • Currency restrictions
  • Employment restrictions
  • Custom Duty
  • Corporate Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • VAT Importing or Exporting Goods (at DAFZ only)

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Since its establishment, Dubai has grown into a global economic powerhouse, home to world-class businesses.

Among the most exciting emerging markets worldwide, the city has successfully leveraged its strategic geographic location at the convergence between Asia, Africa, and Europe. In addition, it is the home to one of the busiest airports and maritime ports worldwide.

Dubai’s remarkable economic transformation results from the UAE’s diversification strategy, which aims to build a vibrant economy that will long outlast oil supplies. The city’s network of economic free zones and the development of the aviation market are paramount to the fulfillment of this goal. Today, Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ) contributes an impressive 5% to Dubai’s GDP.

Together, these conditions make for attractive investment opportunities for those businesses keen to take advantage of an ecosystem based on rich human capital, innovative transformation, and state-of-art services and products. Offering unparalleled solutions for global companies, attractive incentives, digital connectivity, and holistic business support services, DIEZ is the perfect platform to take advantage of the high-grown opportunities available in Dubai, the UAE, the Middle East region, and beyond.

Dubai offers you an extraordinary experience:

  • At The Heart of The World Hosts the world’s busiest airport, connecting passengers to more than 240 destinations across six continents on more than 100 airlines. It is the ultimate gateway to two-thirds of the world’s most attractive growth markets

  • Security & Safety It ranks as the 7th safest city in the world for citizens, residents, and visitors

  • Happiest City Dubai envisions to be the happiest city on Earth by leveraging the power of emerging technologies to enhance the city’s 360 experience.

  • Leading-edge Infrastructure The city is recognized for its state-of-the-art roads, ports, and airports, serving as one of the world’s busiest gateways into the region for business, commerce, and tourism

  • Multicultural Environment The city is the preferred home for over 200 nationalities. The city offers a unique live, work, and play experience

  • Vibrant Cosmopolitan Setting Offers an incredibly diverse range of events and leisure activities for everyone.

  • Nourishing Minds Offers world-class school education through 16 different curricula and access to over 60 prestigious international universities

  • Merging Health and Innovation One of the world’s top 20 healthcare markets in the world and a global leader in biotech development

  • Resilient and Dynamic Economy A diversified economy bolstered by strong economic fundamentals

  • Outstanding Trade and Logistics Acts as a gateway to the region and a central hub for global trade flows

  • Smart City Incubating Innovation Enables a culture of innovation and digitization, becoming home to the Middle East’s First Unicorn

  • Agile and Empowered Institutions Embarking future-ready regulations and leads the region’s agility and efficiency in governance and government effectiveness

  • Comfortable Business Starting a Business In 5 Minutes and 1 Step ranks 1st regionally and 16th globally on the ‘Ease of Doing Business report

  • The Region’s Preferred City for Talents Boasts the highest percentage of talented foreign labor force globally with an exceptional standard of living