Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi

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Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi Director General at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi is Director General at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). In his capacity as Director General, Dr. Al Matrooshi is responsible for the development, implementation and communication of DSO’s strategy, including the organization’s mandate, mission, vision and values. Dr. Al Matrooshi also oversees the leadership team, providing his expert guidance and support to ensure that DSO’s business objectives are achieved efficiently and effectively, all the while upholding international best practices. Moreover, Dr. Al Matrooshi assumes leadership for the financial performance of DSO, guiding the development, monitoring and management of DSO’s annual budgets. In sum, he is responsible for delivering on short, medium and long-term goals, ensuring the correct team, policies, procedures, technology and all other essential tools are in place to ensure the success of DSO.

Besides his role at DSO, Dr. Al Matrooshi is a representative for the Dubai government at general assemblies for publicly listed companies. He has also served as a member of several committees, including the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s trademark committee, Dubai Marketing and Tourism’s development board, and the UAE Banking Institute’s insurance brokerage committee. Dr. Al Matrooshi is the current Assistant to The Secretary General of Dubai Freezone Council; he is also serving as one of the Board Members of World Freezone Organization; Dr. Al Matrooshi is one of the incumbent members of the UAE Economic Acceleration Unit and he is presently a member of Dubai Government Economy Team.

With vast experience in finance, commercial operations and licensing, among other areas, Dr. Al Matrooshi joined DSO in December 2006. Before joining DSO, Dr. Al Matrooshi held several senior governmental positions, including running commercial licensing at the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

Dr. Juma holds a doctorate in General Management from the Golden Gate University of San Francisco, California and an MBA in Business Development from the Western University, Michigan, USA.